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Day 6 – Stress and meditation

1 litre of water(immediately after waking up) – Done (Trying to increase it to 1.5 litres but so far I couldn’t do it. It is really difficult. I feel like I am going to throw up)
Drank more than 2.5 litres for the day
Had 4 almonds soaked overnight
Breakfast – oats with banana (didn’t like it much 😦 )
Two servings of fruits per day – Banana for breakfast and Guava as evening snack.
Weight – 125.7 lb (57 kg)

I started with 57.9 kg and now I am 57 in just 6 days. I couldn’t believe it. I am not dieting and exercising for just 15-20 mins per day. Then too, I am able to reduce my weight. I am sure it is fat loss as I am feeling energetic throughout the day and I am not cutting down on my food (in fact increased my food intake. Seems like I am eating all the time). I feel wonderful this week. I am going to check if there is a way to find out if I am losing fat or muscle (just to be assured that I am on the right path).

Okay, again I didn’t get time to do exercise. It was a busy morning. My in-laws are coming tomorrow and leaving on sunday. I had to clean my house(toys/books everywhere) and the guest room. Also, I did the prep work for cooking as much as I can for the next two days. My mom-in-law will not be impressed if my house doesn’t look neat and clean. I didn’t clean to impress her, I am just trying to avoid a conflict. So it caused lot of stress in my body and mind. I could sense it because I started shouting my hubby for nothing. Poor guy!!

I finished all the work at 10 pm. Now, I felt very bad that I didn’t even think of doing exercise today. My eyes were tired, so I just closed my eyes and started inhaling and exhaling deeply. I felt good and continued it for 15 mins. I was able to inhale only for 10 secs. I guess that it is very low. I should improve it. I think I could call it meditating because I started thinking of my favorite places and childhood happy memories and that really helped me to relax and concentrate while breathing. After this, I opened my eyes and felt so much relaxed and refreshed. I am sure I could do so much work again. My eyes are still tired but my body is brisk again.

So if I can call meditation as an exercise then yes I am back on my commitment 🙂