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The wishes series – (Saving Wishes, Second Hearts and Sand Jewels)

I liked this book mainly because of the fairy tales that they had. They intrigued not only Adam but also me :)..Whenever Charli starts saying something about a fairy, I wish I could read much faster sometimes. Next comes the bond between Alex and!! I thought why a brother would give up everything for a little girl, I have never come across such a guy yet. So, the book revealed it later, and I just started to go back to the conversations between Alex and Charli. What a lovely father who tried to keep his daughter safe and away from mischief but still understood her problems whenever she came up with one.

Saving Wishes was much faster than Second Hearts though. I never thought that Ryan is going to be such a wonderful character.

I didn’t like Sand Jewels much. I had a different opinion about Alex like shy, and down-to-earth person. In this book, it seemed like I didn’t even know that guy, it was wholly different. But it is just about how Gabrielle and Alex ended up together. This is kind of stand-alone book, so you don’t have to read this if you are planning to read the fourth book( which is not yet published).

Eagerly waiting for Storm Shells 🙂

I am gonna update two conversations that I liked the most under Short story/Extract categories.