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Kusuduma flower ball – Part 2

Yippeee!!! My first project came out well than what I had in my mind..

I thought I am not gonna finish when I came to the last step of fixing the top and bottom halves. Thank God!! I managed to adjust some of the petals and glued it.

Here are the pics…I am so happy that I managed to put it together 🙂






Kusuduma flower ball – Part 1

Hurray!!! It took 3 weeks for me to complete the 12 flowers and here they are. Loving it!! 

Hoping to finish the ball by tomorrow 🙂


My First Origami

There is always a child inside our heart though we get old. I found mine when I started doing Origami. It is such an amazing feeling to find that you can do beautiful things out of a small square paper.

My First Origami Lily

Origami Lily

Next came the Kusuduma flower (dew)

Origami Kusudma Flower









I am doing the Kusuduma flower ball right now..I will update it soon 🙂

If you wish to start doing origami, here is the website,