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Day 4 – Walking and Jogging Interval

1 litre of water(immediately after waking up) – Done
Drank a little less than 2.5 litres of water for the day
Eat 4 almonds soaked overnight – Done
Breakfast – oats omelette and a glass of milk
Two servings of fruits per day – one guava for brunch and some musk melon as snack in the evening.
Weight – 126.1 lb (57.2 kg)

Today I finished my cooking in just 30 minutes, so I had lot of time between 10:30 am and 12 pm. Also, my hubby was working from home. I used the best of it :). I fed Daisy so that she wouldn’t disturb in the middle of my walk. I did some warm up exercises, then 6 mins brisk walking and jogging for approximately 30 secs interval and my total time taken is 25 mins. I felt achieved at the end of my walk :). Came back home and stretched really well. So far I have not experienced any pain, hoping that I won’t have muscle soreness tomorrow because of jogging.

And Daisy gave me some extra hours of free time by sleeping for continuous 3 hrs 🙂

Feeling achieved!!!