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Boiled Veggies with Mint-Spinach dip

I did this last Thursday as my hubby was interested to eat something exotic(mostly restaurant food), so I decided I will do something new which tastes good as well as healthy. I had lots of veggies in my fridge and ended up with this easy and simple recipe after a lot of internet searching.

Veggies and Dip

For Veggies:
Cut the veggies of your choice into medium sized pieces. (I added cauliflower, broccoli, carrot in one batch and potato and beans in another batch as it will take little longer)

1. Bring the water to a boil in a pot.
2. Add desired amount of salt and some soy sauce.
3. Add Cauliflower, Broccoli and Carrots. Cook for 5-6 mins.
4. Use a strainer to take the veggies out.
5. With the remaining water, cook potato and beans for 10 -12 mins.
6. Place the veggies in a platter.

I stored the remaining water in the freezer to use it as stock for vegetable soup. It had a good flavor.

For Dip:


10 cashews
Handful of spinach and half a handful of mint
1 tbsp of Olive oil
1/2 cup yogurt (you can substitute with greek yogurt or avocado)
1 Garlic clove peeled
1 tsp of lime juice
salt to taste

First grind cashew, spinach, mint, garlic and salt in a blender and then add yogurt, lime juice and olive oil and grind it once more. Your Dip is ready!!!

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Take the clue from stomach…ALWAYS!!!!

We will be leaving US pretty soon so we thought of going to our favorite Chinese restaurant for one last time. We ordered the usual meal for us. Had a nice time!!

Then came the dessert menu. I always leave some space for Tiramisu if we are in that restaurant. The dessert was so good and I was trying to take a mental picture of how it tastes. When there was about two mouthfuls, I was taking the clue from my stomach that it is time to stop. Right at that time, my husband told me that I would definitely be missing this particular dessert when we go back to India. He was right. I loved it. So I didn’t let go off the fork until I had the last piece from my plate. I was happy but my stomach was not.

It wasn’t funny when trying to suppress the vomiting sound that comes out of mouth. But Lily found it totally amusing and she was laughing until I started throwing up into the empty plastic bag that we always had in our car.

I started laughing too…I am sure that this incident will stay in my mind forever though I don’t think I would take it as a reminder to stop eating when my stomach doesn’t want anymore while having my favorite food. Because I am human ūüôā

Marriage is not a license to force

I had a conversation with a friend of friend. Hers was arranged marriage, she had a very good qualification but not working now. The fact that she told about her husband wanting her to stop eating chicken or any non-veg dish for that matter was ridiculous to me.  And the worst part is, She Loves Chicken.

He had allowed her to order chicken when they went to restaurants but this came to the notice of her in-laws and they made the condition of not eating chicken very strictly. ¬†Man..that was rude. If they are so worried about it, why did they select her for their son or the guy who selected her as his wife??? I didn’t even met this guy once but already started having bad feelings about him. ¬†They should have told about this straight before the marriage or they should have selected someone who doesn’t eat non-veg. What the heck of telling her to stop eating something that she likes just because they feel bad about eating it??

I asked my husband if he has drinking habit because I don’t like it. And I know that I cannot ask someone to stop doing something they love to do. ¬†So if he had told yes, I wouldn’t have agreed to the marriage. Ok the point is, how can you force someone to sacrifice just because they share your name??? ¬†I felt pity for that poor girl. ¬†I could tell that she was ¬†not happy when she told me that.

Yeah I shouldn’t forget to tell here that I too ask my husband to stop using his iPhone¬†when he his home. We tried it because Lily became too addictive and she started asking for it. So, now he tries to use it less than before but he couldn’t stop.

Guys/Girls, if you have anything that you would want as a special quality from your spouse, then talk about it before marriage. Forcing someone to sacrifice is different from one’s own thought to sacrifice.

Does anyone has experience like this? And how did you manage it?