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Extracts from the Wishes series

Characters, Alex – Charli’s father and Adam – Charli’s boyfriend.

From Saving wishes – conversation between Alex and Charli when Alex feels that she is not going to fit in Adam’s world,

“You used to climb that big tree in the front yard and I’d have to spend an hour coaxing you down,” he said, smiling at the memory. “The conversation was always the same. I’d tell you to jump and you’d ask me if I’d catch you. Do you remember what I used to tell you?”

“Word for word”

“Tell me”

“Every single time you jump, Charli, I will catch you,” I recited. His eyes drifted down again, pretending to look at the pile of photos, but he was smiling.

“I meant it. I’m always going to be there to catch you.”

From Second Hearts – conversation between Adam and Charli when talking about stars,

“How much of your childhood was spent trying to blow out the stars, Charli?” he asked.

I dropped my head, a little embarrassed by the admission I was about to make. “I used to try all the time. When I was little, Alex used to put me on his shoulders, telling me I’d have a better chance if I were closer to the sky. When there were no stars on overcast nights, he’d tell me that was because he’d already blown them out.”