Shining Brighter Than Ever

I was way too busy than any other days in the past weekend as my in-laws were here to visit Lily and Daisy. Lily enjoyed the most with her grand parents. She had lots and lots of chocolates 🙂 I believe I didn’t need any exercise on these days as I don’t remember sitting down much. I should have at least stretched to make sure that my legs don’t go stiff but I was too tired to think about it.

Anyways now the 1 litre of water immediately after waking up became a habit for me. I have not skipped in any of these days. And increased the total amount of water to 3 litres per day, hurray!!! One thing that I found is, I tend to eat when it is just thirst. So I became conscious whenever I felt thirsty and drank water immediately (I keep filling a one litre water bottle and have it in the living room or kitchen throughout the day). That’s how I increased the amount of water.

Eating almonds soaked overnight – forgetting most of the days even after keeping a reminder in my phone as I had to soak it previous night.

I had to skip my food plan in the weekend as it is necessary for me to cook exotic dishes(mostly meat) for my in-laws for all the three meals and it is way too difficult to convince my mom-in-law that oats is more healthy than the regular Indian breakfast (she is worried because I am breastfeeding and it is a belief that more you eat, more is the milk production). So the result when I weighed on Monday is 57.9 kg.

I am back to my daily routine on Monday and went out for 15-20 mins walk with Daisy in the stroller before picking up Lily. So today I am weighing 57 kg. I never expected weight loss when I started this, so I feel happy that I am back to 57 🙂 and have not increased in weight after the weekend binge.

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