Shining Brighter Than Ever

1 litre of water(immediately after waking up) – Done
Around 2.5 litres of water for the day – Done (Trying to increase it to 3 litres)
Eat 4 almonds soaked overnight – Done
Breakfast – oatmeal with apple (For now just concentrating to have better breakfast)
Two servings of fruits per day – Nope 😦 (just had milk and some nuts in the evening)
Weight – I usually see my weight on an empty stomach and forgot to check it today.

After cooking, I tried to start doing stepper. It was 11:15 am when Daisy started crying in her sleep and woke up but she was sleepy. So stopped the exercise in just 2 mins after starting it. I then went out at 11:30 am for brisk walking with Daisy in the stroller. In few mins she slept and I continued my walking until 12 pm as I had to pick up Lily 🙂 I was so happy that I got 30 mins window today and stretched out after coming home.

I wish everyday will turn out like this but with a kid and a baby, I know it would be too much to ask for 🙂


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