Shining Brighter Than Ever

I decided what I am going to prepare for breakfast and dinner yesterday and it made my life easier. I prepared all the vegetables and other stuffs so that I could finish the cooking in an hour or less which gives me a better window for me to include an exercise.  But again it totally depends on Daisy’s sleep cycle. If she sleeps better, then I could finish both my exercise and cooking before my family wakes up.

Today I had my one litre of water though not at a single-go, I took 20 mins to finish it as I am new to this. Finished my cooking within an hour. Had 4 almonds that I soaked last night and got ready to start my exercise. I stretched my legs and did Surya Namaskar once, Daisy found that it is the right time to call for me 🙂 She started crying and Lily woke up too. And that is the end of my Yoga.

I felt that I am not so flexible to do all the poses perfectly but the good thing is, I started doing it.

Though I did only for about 15 mins, it seems like a good start to me.

My weight today is 127.6 lbs (57.9 kg). Gonna see if there is any change in my weight at the end of 30 days.

Have a wonderful morning!!


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