Shining Brighter Than Ever

You don’t have to tell this only when you feel hopeless, you can also tell this whenever you feel stressed or afraid of something. Such a wonderful magic words.

I have come across many situations before and after marriage where I would wish that the day(s) goes faster. So that we could face whatever is waiting for us in seconds rather than hours or days. When you are facing such days in your life, just remember to tell yourself, whatever that you are facing will pass by and you will not even remember about it in your future. You may remember about the situtation but your mind has the capability to erase how it pained. You may know that you were hurt but you will not feel the pain.

It was my husband who told me this when I didn’t get a job, when I had to work day and night for the whole week, when I felt wounded by my colleagues words, when I was afraid of driving car, when I couldn’t find the ovulation date to get pregnant, when I had my first contraction, during labor and delivery, breastfeeding for the first one year, when we found Lily’s torticollis…I am sure that the list is gonna grow big as day goes by but am sure, I will face it with strength because nothing is gonna be the same forever.

“This too shall pass..”


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